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Genres: The Great Containers


Welcome Back!

Welcome back! In case you missed our last segment, check out Into the Gamification part 1 and Into the Gamification part 2. This time we are back at it with a two part segment on video game genres, a hot topic as of late!

What is Genre and what does it mean for games?

Game Informer readers likely saw Jeff Cork’s “Do Genres Mean Anything Anymore?” article a few issues back that attempted to tackle the complicated matter of video game genres. To briefly bring everyone up to speed, Cork notes that the gaming world is becoming increasingly unsure and in some cases, unwelcoming of genres as a way to categorize games. He draws upon games such as Rise of the Tomb Raider, Super Smash Bros., Uncharted, and the Zelda series as a way to illustrate that elements of more than one ...

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Into the Gamification Part 2

Are games good and does gamification deliver the goods?

Welcome back! In case you missed our last discussion, please check out Into the Gamification Part 1 to get caught up for this week. Are games good? What about gasification? The first question may be debated forever, but I would like to think many games can do some good. Take a moment to let Jane McGonigal explain some of the ways games can make for a better world.

So, if at least some games can be good, then using this games as gamification does must do some good, right? The second part of the gasification series explores the opposing viewpoint of gamificaion and then wraps up with some closing thoughts and a great video by James Paul Gee...

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The Journey

Can I make a living playing video games? Are video games good or bad? Can we learn from video games? Can games affect education and society in a positive way? What’s next for gamers and gaming?

I have asked myself these same questions  many times and it seems that friends, family, colleagues, students, and everyone in between have asked me the same when I mention my work involves game theory.

The answers are out the there…and finding them is worth the effort.

Some people spend entire careers trying to answer questions about what video games can really offer. Unlike many of our games, no all-knowing oracle appears to give us the answers. The truth is that It takes work, discussion, and a great deal of collaboration to make progress...

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