The Journey

Can I make a living playing video games? Are video games good or bad? Can we learn from video games? Can games affect education and society in a positive way? What’s next for gamers and gaming?

I have asked myself these same questions  many times and it seems that friends, family, colleagues, students, and everyone in between have asked me the same when I mention my work involves game theory.

The answers are out the there…and finding them is worth the effort.

Some people spend entire careers trying to answer questions about what video games can really offer. Unlike many of our games, no all-knowing oracle appears to give us the answers. The truth is that It takes work, discussion, and a great deal of collaboration to make progress. Video game players, game designers, industry, and game scholars often operate as separate bodies who meet at tangent points, but each group has a valuable stake in determining how games are perceived, made, and valued. Consider political policy involving games, attitudes about gaming and gamers, and the growing landscape of games in industry and education. Whether you make your life’s work gaming theory or just enjoy playing games, you likely have something to do with the gaming ecology and you likely also have some value to add while we work towards answering these great questions set before us.

We are on an epic adventure to get answers to these questions and you’re needed on the journey.

Welcome to Mind Meets Game! If you are interested in games and how they impact education, society, technology, industry, and yourself, then please join us. As we move along, the site will unveil new and exciting features. From time to time we will invite special guests including gaming gurus, scholars, creators, and community leaders to assist us in this journey. For the first month we will post once per week and then likely twice per week once some of the other features start rolling out. There’s a lot in store for us so maybe the best way to begin is simply by taking on the first topic .Learn more in the About section of Mind Meets Game!

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