For some time now it has been argued that we can learn from play, and more specifically, that video games offer much more than simple entertainment or a distraction from the everyday world. Moreover, many scholars have lit the torch to explore video games as valuable tools for teaching and learning. These ideas have even filtered into many other sectors of life for their ability provide knowledge and understanding . Yet, it still seems as if there are undulating buffer zones and contact zones that inevitably work at the middle ground of gaming theory. What if there were portals and spaces that sought to harmoniously bring these elements together? What might we learn from such collaborations and interactions between video games, citizens, students, scholars, and the mixing all of these? This site attempts to make such connections, and although it may not be easy for some to envision, let it be our quest to positively work towards affecting such scholarship.

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To achieve such ideals, we will need help. Fortunately, there are many wonderful gamers, game creators, video game scholars, and gurus who can help us engineer and forge out the necessary machine to caress us forward. We will create conversations, lay frameworks, develop sections, and invite guests as just a few of the ways to realize our objectives. Sometimes serious, sometimes funny, and always inquisitive, this work seeks many perspectives because it helps to unlock new ways of thinking and generate more ideas between the worlds of gaming and our world. Maybe just as valuable, it also grants us agency to explain and prototype credible new pathways of our own..

More and more books about game theory are being published, respectable journals call for game pieces, conferences host and invite game scholars, and more game theorists fill university positions. On the other end of the spectrum, games steadily continue to advance and the various practices among gamers and game designers have created entire cultures with brilliant designs.

The ground is fertile for seeds of wondrous possibilities between a continued meeting of these minds, but we must have a positive mindset and we must assist each other in cultivating such growth. It will not always be easy, but it is somewhere in the rough we wish to be, for that is where progress will be made. We also need to consider our audience of gamers, non-gamers, scholars, non-scholars, and all those in the general community who wish to participate. This is not a pure gaming site for reviews and gameplay, nor is it supposed to resemble a journal. If two discreet worlds exist between play and learning, this is the buffer zone where all are invited as equals. Let us endeavor on this journey!

Who can participate in the journey? ¬†Everyone! We all have something to add to the conversation, no matter what your experience level or realm of knowledge with game theory. Profound questions and insights are just as valuable as profound questions. We learn together, grow together, and will only make it to the next level of this journey by working together. As long as you are respectful to others and have a good attitude, you are just what this site needs…so welcome!

As for me, I am an aspiring gaming theorist, Ph.D student, educator, and writer. In terms of video game theory, I focus on genres, affinity spaces, design thinking/grammar, and video game criticism. While I greatly value educational institutions and many wonderful gaming companies out there, it should be noted that this site is independently owned and maintained. Simply put, I blog as a private citizen. Accordingly, the views of this site are not intended to express those of any company or institution. `What I am is your humble host on this journey, and more times than not, your grateful pupil. Thank you so much in advance for subscribing, participating, and watching this thing grow!

All the Best!