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Genre Part 2: Inclusion, Exclusion, and Mislabeled Containers

Welcome back! To recap on last week’s discussion on Genre, we used Jeff Cork’s article as a jumping off point for engaging genre issues in video games and transitioned into Daniel Chandler’s An Introduction into Genre Theory to supplement some of our explorations. Hopefully many of you picked up some new insights on genre and used it for some food for thought to launch your own explorations. Today, we are going to single out four genres that have been driving me nuts for a while and I’m going to use a criminal amount of quotation marks to point them out.

Where the party at?

As much as I loved those cute commercials of the police crashing Mario’s party, I just have a hard time buying into this genre...

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Genres: The Great Containers


Welcome Back!

Welcome back! In case you missed our last segment, check out Into the Gamification part 1 and Into the Gamification part 2. This time we are back at it with a two part segment on video game genres, a hot topic as of late!

What is Genre and what does it mean for games?

Game Informer readers likely saw Jeff Cork’s “Do Genres Mean Anything Anymore?” article a few issues back that attempted to tackle the complicated matter of video game genres. To briefly bring everyone up to speed, Cork notes that the gaming world is becoming increasingly unsure and in some cases, unwelcoming of genres as a way to categorize games. He draws upon games such as Rise of the Tomb Raider, Super Smash Bros., Uncharted, and the Zelda series as a way to illustrate that elements of more than one ...

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Into the Gamification Part 2

Are games good and does gamification deliver the goods?

Welcome back! In case you missed our last discussion, please check out Into the Gamification Part 1 to get caught up for this week. Are games good? What about gasification? The first question may be debated forever, but I would like to think many games can do some good. Take a moment to let Jane McGonigal explain some of the ways games can make for a better world.

So, if at least some games can be good, then using this games as gamification does must do some good, right? The second part of the gasification series explores the opposing viewpoint of gamificaion and then wraps up with some closing thoughts and a great video by James Paul Gee...

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Into the Gamification Part 1

What in the world is gamification?

Welcome to Mind Meets Game! Check our Epic Journey page and About page to discover move. This week we dive into gaminifaction.

Many people who hear the term gamification for the fist time tend to assume that it physically involves using video games for a purpose such as business or learning. Athough a lot of gaming theorists certainly do use video games in a physical way, gamification actually involves utilizing video game design, mechanics, symbols, and themes for non-game applications. It’s also about condition states and goals. Think about how games involve elements such as leveling, rewards/trophies, collaboration, exploration, time management, and identity in various ways...

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